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Reiki is a beautiful way to take care of yourself.  The energy flows through the practitioner and into the client-whether in person or at any  distance.  It is beneficial in every way.  Reiki opens and balances your Chakra system.  It can do no harm and  Reiki compliments all other  modalities. 

From my Heart of Hearts, I Love Reiki!  I Love to combine  Reiki with Lightbody Energy, Shamanic Reiki, Journeying, and Readings. I  incorporate Stones,  Crystals, and Andaras into our sessions!  These sessions are all about you....We are Divine BEings and we are here to Love, Guide and Empower    each other.  It is such an  honor and priviledge to be a Reiki Master/Teacher and  Lightbody Energy Guide.  The feeling....the beyond these  words:  It is Light, Love, Guidance, Empowerment, Wisdom, Healing, Comfort, Compassion, Worthiness, Peace, Joy, Harmony, Divinity. Reiki is for All- to receive and to learn.  It is Magic, Angelic, Remembering.  A Beloved Energy for and of All...Source, Gaia, the Universe, Humans, Animals, Birds, Plants, the Oceans and the Cetacians, the Mountains, Stones and Crystals....EVERYONE and EVERYTHING! Reiki helps us awaken, remember, and expand ourselves in to the

Multi-Dimensional Beings that we are.  

Celestial Lightbody Energy Activations

Each and every one of us is the Light of the World!  Our world is Transforming.  We are evolving to a higher Frequency, Dimensions, and Unity Consciousness.  Lightbody Energy Activations  help us to prepare our Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual bodies for this transformation. We are of the Universe. We are the Universe.  We are remembering and awakening our Multi-Dimensional Consciousness. The energy that flows during Lightbody work is of a High Vibrational Frequency and is  Loving, Beautiful, and Enlightening! We activate  and  work  together with these Energies  and I encourage all to do this with/for themselves and others!


There are 4 levels of Lightbody Activations:

5th Dimension

6th Dimension

7th Dimension

12 Strand DNA

The combined energy of a LBA and a Reiki session is of a beautifully  high  vibrational frequency!

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