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Reiki I & II &  ART/Master Teacher Classes

I love teaching in person as well as   teaching classes online .   I have been honored to teach students  online and found these  classes and the attunements to be just as special and powerful as  teaching in person!! I am happy to teach individually.  Contact me if you are interested in learning the extraordinary energy of Reiki!   

I  provide a First and Second Degree Reiki or Advanced Reiki Training/Master Teacher manual, a Certificate of Completion, and cover the following:

Reiki I attunement

Reiki hand positions

Giving a complete Reiki session for self and others

Everyday use of Reiki

Using Reiki with Animals

Using crystals and Reiki

Reiki II symbols and how to use them

Reiki II attunement

Distance    healing

A large variety of Techniques and Applications

ART / Master Teacher Symbols and Attunements in a  3 day  course teaching you to  continue growing in your Reiki after practicing Reiki I & II  for a time.   You will also learn how to teach and give attunements.

and much, much more!

The total for both classes is $350.00 (Reiki I class $150, Reiki II $200)    I will provide a Certificate of Completion. In the classes we will discuss all the different applications of Reiki. It is a combination of teaching, sharing experiences and practicing. A $75 deposit is requested to register, email me at : or call me at 808-320-0437.   Advanced Reiki Training and Master Teacher Level Reiki is $900.00.   Contact me for more information on these classes.

Magical Blessings, Melissa 

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