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I am a Reflector

A huge aspect of myself as a human is being a Reflector.  My design type is a rare one.  I have an extraordinarily unique design chart in that there are no fixed Channels and therefore no defined Centers in my chart.  All nine centers are white.  I am like a walking mirror, reflecting the world and others in it back to themselves.  I am purely empathic.  I live through all the passions, fears, thought streams, ambitions, and other qualities present in the people around me.  Having a session with me as a  Reflector gives you the opportunity to have a profound experience from having the deep sense of being  "seen" clearly and having your true nature reflected.  

I am a Lunar Being.  I am affected by the movement of the Moon.  I trust my own Wisdom.  My work, through sessions and teaching,   is to Guide  & Empower others  to cut cords & clear energies that no longer serve, grow in one's gifts and to     stand in their Light & Power while fulfilling their purpose here.

Human Design is a fascinating look into ourselves.  If you are interested in obtaining your own chart, go to:


There are lot of resources on the internet to read or view.  Use your own discernment.  Take what resonates and leave the rest.    I am not affiliated with either website.

Magical Blessings,


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