About Melissa

 I was born and raised in Upstate New York.  I  worked in health care for 23 years before following  my heart to Reiki and Lightbody Energy.  In 2010, I left my job of 20 years to take my  Reiki I and II classes with my Master Teacher, Carolyn Musial through the  International Center for Reiki Training.  In 2011 I went back to Buffalo  to receive my  Advanced Reiki  Training and Master/Teacher attunements & certification.    

 In 2014, I made a huge move to LeMUria/Kauai!  It was a  dream of mine and quite  a leap of Faith for me!  The  islands are  magical and spiritual and of a very high  vibration!  I believe these  islands are  truly where I belong, my home again,  while on this  Beloved Earth. For now,  I have journeyed back to New York where I am to shine my Light and share  for a while.  It is an honor to channel and teach  Reiki.   It is a privilege to do Lightbody energy work here. I am  LeMUrian and  I have had the priveledge of working and playing  in the Crystal chambers of Inner Earth beneath LeMUria/Hawaii/Australia. I have merged with and embodied many Higher Self Aspects.  I am a BlueRay Andaran Central Sun Starseed.....an ever expanding and ascending StarLight BEing!

In Human Design I am a 2/4 Reflector.  A Galactic aspect is White Solar Wizard.   I love all nature on New Earth  and Injoy journeying throughout it and Multiple Dimensions and Universes.


  I have been practicing and teaching Reiki   for  10 years full time.      I love  this extraordinary and deeply sacred work! We are all Multi-Dimensional Beings.  My work here is to empower, awaken,   and assist you in healing and clearing all energies that no longer serve   you.