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About Melissa

 I was born and raised in Upstate New York.  I  worked in health care for 23 years before following  my heart to Reiki and Lightbody Energy.  In 2010, I left my job of 20 years to take my  Reiki I and II classes with my Master Teacher, Carolyn Musial through the  International Center for Reiki Training.  In 2011 I went back to Buffalo  to receive my  Advanced Reiki  Training and Master/Teacher attunements & certification.    

 In 2014, I made a huge move to LeMUria/Kauai!  It was a  dream of mine and quite  a leap of Faith for me!  I learned so much!  The  islands are  Magical and Spiritual and of a very high  vibration!  I believe these  islands are  truly where I belong, my home again,  while on this  Beloved Earth. I was   called    back to  New York in 2016 and    have walked my journey.      I have   shined my Light, taught and   served .    I have had the honor to meet and work    with incredible Souls there.  I am truly Blessed.       Now, 5 years later, I have moved again to my beloved   Hawaii/LeMUria in June 2021. The Island of Hawaii is my Home. Here, the energy of creation is extraordinary.  The Kilauea Volcano (Pele) continues to create Earth.  It is an honor to live so near and witness her sacred power. 

 It is an honor to channel and teach  Reiki.   It is a privilege to do Lightbody energy work. I am  LeMUrian and  I have had the priveledge of working and playing  in the Crystal chambers of Inner Earth beneath LeMUria/Hawaii/Australia. I have merged with and embodied many Higher Self Aspects.  I am a BlueRay Andaran Central Sun ever expanding and ascending StarLight BEing!

In Human Design I am a 2/4 Reflector.  A Galactic aspect is White Solar Wizard.   I love all nature on New Earth  and Injoy journeying throughout it and Multiple Dimensions and Universes.


  I have been practicing and teaching Reiki   for  11 years full time.      I love  this extraordinary and deeply sacred work! We are all Multi-Dimensional Beings.  My work here is to empower, awaken,   and assist you in healing and clearing all energies that no longer serve   you. 

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